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Adventure, epic, nobility, tradition

Ideal shirt for every man on every occasion


Marengo gives its name to one of the most famous horses in history. Napoleon himself baptised it and used it as one of his favourite horses, it was captured by British troops and its remains are on display in the National Museum of the Royal Navy at Chelsea, London...There are historians who say that it came from a troop of Andalusian horses gifted to Napoleon by Carlos IV.
Marengo refers to the name of a celebrated battle between Austrians and French in Piedmont, in the north of what is now Italy. Formerly, it referred to the manner of fricasseeing a bird, slow roasting it, frying it in oil with mushrooms and truffles. Typical among hunters and people in the countryside.

Marengo evokes adventure, the epic of ancient battles, equine nobility and hunting... Adventure, epic, nobility…

Professional Experience:

We are a fourth generation company with a long tradition dedicated to textiles. We work to try to achieve a brand that represents our commitment to develop garments that are comfortable, easy to use, wash and iron, garments that last and are difficult to wear out, garments that are both classic and innovative.
In short, garments to live in the world today, in which day-to-day life is often an authentic adventure, a world in which we believe shirts to be the essence of dress and a world in which from time to time we sometimes want to enjoy adventures, a hint of the epic and a little nobility.

All Marengo S&T's garments are committed in their manufacturing to a policy of social responsibility.

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